April 06, 2010

Outside Things

A broken log that has moss on it. A nail is in it.

The flower is dead. It's a crocus. It croaked.

This is my Grandma sitting on the porch.
My Grandma is just sitting there.

Rock and flower sitting on the ground.
Sorry the finger is in the way.

I was taking kitty's picture through the window
and I can see my camera's reflection.

This is an alien coming from space to suck
on our faces to get our brains.
Just kidding.
It's a pine tree. We picked one
of the needles and chewed on it.

Dead leaves and bird hairs on the ground.
I wonder what happened.


Vetsy said...

Phillip isn't it always a mystery to see bird feathers lying on the ground.

When ever I find them, I go searching like detective Gadget ( have you seen that cartoon? ) I search all over my yard looking for evidence, because I want to make sure that a cat didn't get it!..

or maybe it got into a fight with a very mean bird or maybe a hawk got it!....

Most of the time Phillip, I'm just left wondering just like you... What happened?

Vetsy said...

Phillip your Grandmother has a pretty porch.. I would like to sit on it too"

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

You have some wonderful photos! And great perspective. I am going to show this to my boys later today.

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

(kiddo #2 here) That is awesome! I can't see the kitty in the window, but I can see a fluff ball. The pictures are cool-awesome-great.

joyce said...

I love your kitty in the window picture Phillip...sometimes accidents make the best pictures. And your croaked crocus made me laugh...thank-you! Have a great spring!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Phillip,
I love this post! It made me laugh, and I'm still laughing about your crocus that croaked. I like your grandma's porch, too. I think we are all happy that it's spring. Woo hoo!

Marie said...

Great pictures Phillip. What did the pine need taste like? Interesting, I may have to try it.

Chris said...

Great pictures and captions. I especially like the croaked crocus and the alien tree!

eden said...

What a fun post, Phillip. We love all your pictures. You take good pictures like your Grandma. Great perspective too. David and Dorothy like the reflection shot and said, it really looks like an alien :)

Have a nice day always.

Ginny said...

Hi, Phillip! I think it's terrific that your grandmother has teamed up with you on this blog. I love your photos and your comments.

Angela said...

Wow! I love your blog, Phillip! With the exception of the alien sucking your brain post (that's something my daughter would say), you are truly a profound and poetic kid! I'm going to show your blog to my daughter tomorrow morning as soon as she wakes up. I'm sure she's going to love your blog too!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice photo, like it!

Julie said...

Hope you are having a fun summer, Philip! When will you give us a new post??? We miss you!

Angela said...

I second Julie's sentiment! I hope you're having a great Summer, but would love to hear from you soon!

Horsegirl said...

wow! what an interesting pieces of land!

Lisa said...

The pine tree leaves reminded me of out old house in the province. We also have a big tall pine tree there.

Nice post!

Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher