March 04, 2012

Finally A New Post

This picture is a picture of a halo master chief from halo 1 2 3 and 4.

This picture is a picture of a elite from halo 1 2 3 4 reach and 4.

This is a picture of them both.

This is a picture of all the pictures.

This is a picture of halo that was not finished but I finished it.

I fell in that creek when I was trying to step on the ice.

This is a picture of a weird water fungus.

October 03, 2010

Pumpkin Power

We grew this pumpkin into a one-eyed cyclops.

There is a wart on the pumpkin.
The pumpkin keeps growing
and growing and growing.

I think the red peppers just became friends with the pumpkins.

 Grandma took this picture of me cutting the pumpkin off the vine.
We grew them in a pot.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
From the Coo Coo Kid.

April 06, 2010

Outside Things

A broken log that has moss on it. A nail is in it.

The flower is dead. It's a crocus. It croaked.

This is my Grandma sitting on the porch.
My Grandma is just sitting there.

Rock and flower sitting on the ground.
Sorry the finger is in the way.

I was taking kitty's picture through the window
and I can see my camera's reflection.

This is an alien coming from space to suck
on our faces to get our brains.
Just kidding.
It's a pine tree. We picked one
of the needles and chewed on it.

Dead leaves and bird hairs on the ground.
I wonder what happened.

January 20, 2010

Inside Land

It's a floating head of Kitty.
Kitty is "eyeing" you.

These are my Grandpa's trophies and a picture of my dad and his race car and a checkered flag.

Here's my car collection. The blue car is a pinewood derby car that was my dad's when he was a kid.

It is 7:33. I think at night.

November 29, 2009

Outside Land

Thank you for writing nice things about my blog.

The pumpkin is round and orange and maybe a little dirty.

It's a plant. It's fuzzy. It's a lamb plant.

It's green, it looks like it has veins and there's a little speck on it and it looks like a lamb's ear.
He's been around a long, long time. His hat has holly berries on it.
I think the tree was 3 years old.
Looks like pretty old bark.
It's a moon rock.
It's a jet stream and it looks like an l or i when you slant your head.
Have a nice Christmas.

November 20, 2009

My First Post

My Grandma Donna has a blog.
And now I do, too.
I am in second grade.
All photos and words are mine,
except for this introduction.
Grandma does the keyboarding.
She'll never change my words.

The sky is falling.

The world is turning.

The leaf is flying.
The oak tree is shooting leaves at us.

This is a real life meteorite.
I'm kidding.

A spider is on our door.

The crow is staring at me.

The wasp lost something off its body.

Tree cut in half by the sun.